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Silvia Tcherassi

With professional studies in interior design, an honorary degree in fashion design and over 25 years of experience in the fields of fashion and lifestyle, Silvia Tcherassi is one of the most acclaimed figures of Latin American fashion and a role model for a new generation of creators. She was the first Latin American designer to be invited by the organizers of Milano and Paris fashion weeks to participate in their official calendar. For her contributions to fashion,the French government awarded her the title of "Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters.” Her philosophy of style is reflected in her book "Effortless Elegance" published by RandomHouse.


"When your brand has a strong foundation and a clear vision, you can translate it to different fields in a very consistent way. My responsibility as founder and chief creative officer is to keep this vision relevant, cohesive and articulate."

Silvia Tcherassi

In 1987, Silvia Tcherassi channeled her passion for fashion and her natural sense of style by creating shirts embellished with exotic skins perfectly interpreting the spirit of the 80's. With her mother, Vera Tcherassi, she founded a company to meet the growing demand and created a fashion brand that since its beginnings was acknowledged as a trendsetter. Today, Altamoda S.A.S. is recognized for its entrepreneurial leadership as a prominent representative of the creative industry in the region, demonstrating a perfect balance between high quality designs and commercial success.

The family owned business is also in charge of the production and marketing of their collections, the operation of sales channels and the development of new business through brand extensions and collaboration projects. Their own production facilities in South America (Barranquilla, Colombia) allow for an immediate response, the use of the economies of scale and an effective quality assurance within higher standards. Thus it is considered a couture workshop in spirit but an industrial infrastructure in its conception and management. At their second atelier, located in the United States (Miami, FL) samples, prototypes and bridal gowns are produced.


At the creative lab, the traditional and the avant-garde are experimented with, resulting in pieces that are characterized by the quality of the design and the careful selection of materials, most of them from Italian factories, created for the brand based on the guidelines of the designer.


Silvia Tcherassi” is a brand in tune with the needs of today's women anywhere in the world and with international trends and cycles because for Silvia Tcherassi "Fashion has no age or nationality." The internationalization of the brand is a priority within the expansion plan.


All items within the brand universe have been the result of an original creative process where Tcherassi has personally participated. Additionally, transparency also applies to the relationship between the brand and the company, its consumers, the industry and media among others.

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