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In The Spotlight: Ruby Wolf

In The Spotlight: Ruby Wolf

“I feel like fashion is an opportunity to say something about yourself the moment you set foot in any room.” These words by rising star, Ruby Wolf, did not only ring true in our ears but also feel especially aligned with the Tcherassi perspective on personal style. The young starlet, who is as captivating on screen as she is on the red carpet, recently made her feature film debut in The Featherweight, and we were waiting for the opportunity to get to know her a little better. In this great conversation, Ruby shares about her prolific career, writing for Amanda Seyfried, her personal style, the Venice Film Festival and more. Not to be missed.

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In a few words, tell us how you got into acting?

I went to see my oldest sister in a children’s community theater production when I was around five or six years old, and distinctly remember thinking to myself, “that’s what I want to do when I grow up”. Around ten years later, I booked my first professional regional theatre job and have been pursuing a career as an actor ever since.

Besides acting, you are also a prolific musician and composed and wrote lyrics for the short film Skin & Bone, starring Amanda Seyfried. What role does music play in your life?

Music and acting were always my dual passions growing up and for a while, I felt undecided as to which path I wanted to pursue. I settled on theater, initially, but kept finding myself in productions that asked me to integrate both skillsets. So, while I technically chose acting, music has sort of insisted on remaining a really integral part of my artistic life (for which I feel very lucky). I especially enjoy composing music for theater and film. Folk is the genre I naturally gravitate towards as a songwriter and the instruments I play (primarily guitar, banjo, and violin) lend themselves naturally to supporting that choice, stylistically. Skin & Bone was definitely an incredible opportunity for me to deepen and strengthen my writing skills and it was a joy to write specifically for an artist as gifted as Amanda Seyfried. I’d love to continue writing music and lyrics for film and theatre productions down the line in addition to acting because it’s been hugely gratifying and artistically rewarding for me every time.


You recently wore Silvia Tcherassi to the Venice Film Festival. Can you tell us a little bit about the dress and why you chose it for such a memorable occasion?

Absolutely! The Featherweight is the name of the film that brought me to Venice. While I’ve been working professionally as an actor for over a decade, my background has mostly been in theater with a couple roles in short films and on television here and there. This was my first ever role in a feature film and so when we got into a festival as prestigious as Venice, the red carpet felt very much like an opportunity to introduce myself to the broader film industry. It was important to me that I found something unique and interesting to wear that also felt timeless and chic. My stylist Eliza Yerry introduced me to Silvia Tcherassi’s designs and it clicked for me immediately. Both the dress and the matching set were an automatic yes during our first fitting.

In a few words, how would you describe your style?

I’m generally much less interested in dressing to meet the trends of any given moment and more interested in highlighting unique and eye-catching pieces that inspire the imagination. My style would best be described as eclectic, colorful, and retro with a lot of influence drawn from the 1920’s and 60’s — decades known for their distinctive countercultural fashion aesthetics.


When it comes to selecting a dress for an important event, for example, a premiere, what factors do you take into consideration before deciding on your final choice?

I feel like fashion is an opportunity to say something about yourself the moment you set foot in any room. It’s why, as an actor, I find costume, hair & makeup to be the most useful design elements when it comes to building out a character. When dressing for an event, there’s obviously a balance to be struck in terms of making sure you’re adhering to the overall vibe while still staying true to the elemental aspects of your own aesthetic. For example, since our Venice premiere was a matinee screening with an early morning photo call, leaning too hard in the direction of uber-formal evening wear could have looked and felt out of place. I loved that both of the Silvia Tcherassi looks I wore in Venice paired rich, vibrant colors and bold patterns with the elegance and timelessness of silk. Their flowing fabric and eye-catching prints conveyed a ton of personality, rendering them perfectly suited for an elevated event set in an Italian beach town like Lido di Venezia. They balanced impeccably all the various factors at play for our particular premiere while still reflecting the prestige and elegance of the Venice Film Festival itself.

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