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The Hair Care Expert: Dianna Cohen

The Hair Care Expert: Dianna Cohen

As Founder and CEO of Crown Affair, Dianna Cohen is turning hair maintenance into an irresistible ritual and everyone’s favorite part of self-care. Her recent launch in Sephora has cemented her status as the beauty industry’s coolest new girl. We asked Dianna to tell us about her brand, her getting-ready rituals and how her wardrobe is changing now that she moved to Miami.


1. In a few words, tell us a little about yourself and how you became Founder and CEO of Crown Affair.

I’m Dianna Cohen and I’m the Founder & CEO of Crown Affair. We’re a modern hair care brand that creates clean and effective formulas and handcrafted tools to transform the health of your hair, but most importantly your relationship to it. The last decade I’ve worked with startup consumer brands. I started my career at Into The Gloss back in 2012, and have since worked as an early team member or brand consultant for brands like Away, Harry’s, Outdoor Voices, Spring, and The Wing.

2. An integral part of your brand is the art of the ritual. Do you have any fashion-related rituals? It could be how you pick an outfit for the day or getting ready for a night out, for example.

Just thinking about my rituals for an evening out gets me excited for upcoming plans. I love transitioning from a work day into an evening out by putting on a favorite playlist and making myself a Ghia spritz. I enjoy picking out my outfit before starting my beauty rituals. I’ve been mixing up my style since moving to Miami — adding more color and more dress / flowy options, so depending the plans and where the night may take me, I’ll plan my outfit around the shoes and move upwards from there. 

3. Describe your style.

I would describe my style as simple with a little wink of something whimsical or playful. Feeling like myself in my skin is the most important thing to me— you can feel when a look is wearing someone instead of them wearing a look. I love when my clothing feels like a second skin, be it a jumpsuit I wear during the day for work or a more dressed up look in the evening. I used to be a creature of habit when living in New York— Japanese denim, vintage t-shirts, and oversized cashmere sweaters, but since moving to Miami I’ve introduced more color and lighter items into my wardrobe. I’ve started building my collection of caftans and tunics to take me from day to beach to dinner.


4. How did you first become acquainted with our brand?

I became familiar with the brand through a friend who was wearing a stunning dress during a night out in Little Havana. I dashed over to her on the rooftop we were at and needed the details as I’ve been looking to expand my wardrobe down here with more statement but elegant looks in Miami. Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of the brand and the ethos behind every design. 

5. What drew you the items you picked for this piece? Where did you wear them to and how did you style them?

I chose Inu Tunic — a one-shouldered dress with a single draping sleeve. This tunic is going to be my go-to. I love that the style is so elegant but can also be worn for pretty much anything or styled for day or evening. You could pair it with a tiny bag and heels or wear it for a daytime event with a fab tote and oversized glasses. The colors are so dynamic, and it’s beyond comfortable.

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