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Spring Summer 2020

The Caribbean Coast of Colombia is the inspiration behind the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. Benefited from its privileged geographical location, the region has received a rich influx of different cultures that land in the portal cities creating a special amalgam of concepts from around the world. The result was prodigious: Alluring tones, exquisite fabrics, trompe l’oeil effects, decorative trimmings and precious prints create a beautiful and coherent mix, which is a perfect reflection of these multiple contributions. The details of centuries old traditional dance dresses are featured in some garments, her iconic flowers appear printed and embroidered, and her appreciation for traditional craftsmanship inspired bewitching prints and handmade bags, while deconstruction techniques and geometric patterns from past collections were reworked in an artistic way. To highlight this eclectic mix, the “Latin flair” of the dresses was contrasted to the tailoring of the very European trench coats, the traditional mochila bags were embroidered with beads from the Czech Republic and the handles of the Colombian artisan bags were made in Italy. Overall, it’s a collection with universal appeal where luxury is expressed through casual sensibility.