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In the Spotlight: Ayşedeniz Gökçin

In the Spotlight: Ayşedeniz Gökçin

Despite her young age, classical pianist and composer Ayşedeniz Gökçin has left an indelible mark in the musical industry and set the foundational stones for a truly mesmerizing career ahead. In our ongoing efforts to celebrate powerful women in the arts like Ayse, we reached out to the talented Turkish musician to learn more about the experiences that have shaped her trajectory and why she chose one of our dresses for her recent debut in the Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles. 

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You made your concert debut at age 9, with the Gordion Chamber Orchestra, and have not stopped since then. In a few words, can you describe the feeling of playing for audiences all over the world?

As a child, I dreamt that one day I would be traveling the world doing what I love: music. At my core, I am a wanderer, and immersing myself in diverse cultures while forging friendships across the globe has expanded my worldview, constantly reaffirming our shared humanity amidst our diverse ways of life. Such encounters are profoundly grounding. Music, to me, is a universal language that bridges human connection and fosters communication. Taking the stage in various countries and bringing people together through my performances gives my existence a sense of purpose.


What role has fashion played in your own career? 

For me, and for the audience, how I present myself visually is part of the whole experience. In my everyday life, my clothes aren't a big concern, but on stage, matching my appearance with the music is important.


What is the process of selecting a look like and what factors do you take into consideration? 

For my debut at Disney Hall, I sought a dress that was both elegant and radiant, complementing the venue's architecture and the pieces I was playing. Feeling comfortable and performing my best is crucial, and a perfect dress boosts my confidence. For less formal shows, I opt for dress suits or pants paired with chic tops. Since I perform seated, it's essential to wear something that allows free movement especially for my arms.


You were once quoted as saying, “When I was growing up, people told me that I couldn't play classical AND rock; that I couldn't touch jazz or pop, and definitely cannot wear sneakers to concerts”. Moreover, you are praised for being able to unite the classical genre with rock through your music. Do you think these dualities or dichotomies also influence your approach to dressing?

Absolutely, mixing unexpected styles like a casual sweater with a silk dress, or a faux fur jacket with sweatpants and Simpsons socks, is a fun way to express uniqueness—just like blending genres in music. It's all about the unique combination that defines your style and gives you a voice!


What have been some of your most memorable concert looks and why?

Performing my compositions at Disney Hall, on the incredible stage designed by Frank Gehry, was a milestone. I aimed for a look that was elegant, refined, and yet fresh and contemporary. Silvia's golden gown was the perfect choice—it harmonized with my music beautifully, and I received as many compliments for my attire as I did for my performance.

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