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Silvia's Take on Spring 2024

Silvia's Take on Spring 2024

It is quite remarkable when a collection’s launch serendipitously mirrors the cultural conversation and Spring 2024 did exactly that, making its debut in tandem to the release of the much-talked-about Ryan Murphy show, Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. A reprise of an era of elegance and nostalgia but crafted with a modern woman in mind, we reflect on this memorable collection with Silvia herself.

“Like so many other colleagues in artistic fields, the legendary Swans have always held a special place in my creative realm. I found myself referencing them more than usual during the opening of my boutique in Capri last summer, while surrounded by the effortless styles of women around me. It soon became evident what the inspiration for my next collection was going to be.”


“One of the brand attributes that I am most proud of is the ability to speak to different generations of women. Take the Hanane dress – it is my daughter Sofia’s favorite and I also saw it styled with a cardigan by a woman who is a little closer to myself in age–it worked beautifully for both.”

“I keep getting asked about the show by friends, editors and clients. One thing I tell them is that I appreciate the level of detail and research that went behind creating each character’s costumes as well as their hair and make up. My approach is just as meticulous. Everything is about intention and the desired outcome.”


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