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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Engaging art with fashion is embedded in the Silvia Tcherassi universe and having our headquarters in Miami—an increasingly culturally-rich city—is an undeniable perk, not only as a means of constant inspiration, but also in the remarkably unique opportunities it presents.


One such occasion was the chance to shoot our Pre-Fall 2022 collection at Superblue during Miami’s Art Basel last year which showcased one of the most talked about installations of the event by artist Es Devlin: A futuristic mirror labyrinth with a seemingly endless quality to it.


Quite fittingly, Pre-Fall 2022 shared various parallels with the immersive artwork, as kaleidoscopic patterns and repetitions were an important component in the boldly-hued and detailed pieces.


“I am always drawing inspiration from contemporary art,” says Tcherassi, “I appreciate different perspectives—even those that completely differ from my own designs. I especially love these photographs taken at Superblue, because not only do the mirrors offer a detailed account of the pieces, but I also love the wonderful contrast they provide.”

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