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Mother’s Day: Celebrating Legacy

Mother’s Day: Celebrating Legacy

We tend to favor the month of May and the things it brings our way, for example the arrival of spring and, of course, the opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives. For us, Mother’s Day is also a time for reflection, when we look back at all of the milestones and achievements of the past 30 years, when Silvia, and her mother, Vera, first brought this brand to life.

With legacy and continuity in mind, we asked Silvia, and daughter, Sofia, who officially joined the business as Director of Ready-to-Wear a few years ago, what they are gifting this year and plans for the big day.

Read on.


Gift Idea #1:

Silvia: Every time someone asks me for gift ideas for women, I almost always say a white blouse. There is something very thoughtful about a white blouse, it says you care about longevity and classic elegance. When I design them, I factor in timelessness and versatility.


Gift Idea #2:

Sofia: I love the new sculptural jewelry from our latest collection. I have a couple of moms on my list who will be getting one. They bring life to any look. 


Gift Idea #3:

Silvia: Recently, I met a woman who was carrying one of my Swarovski crystalized mochilas at a casual wedding. She said it had been a gift from her husband years ago. It looked beautiful with her dress and it made me think about how special it is when someone gives you something that you not only love, but that you will wear for years to come.


This year's activity:

Sofia: Every year I look forward to my mom hosting Mother’s Day at home. We love making the floral arrangements–this year we are using white orchids. 

This year, there is an extra sense of excitement, as my brother, Mauricio, recently got married and we can’t wait to get everyone together again to talk about all the wedding highlights.

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