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In the Spotlight: Candela Pelizza

In the Spotlight: Candela Pelizza

“I’m not really a person who fixates on the past, but rather, has her eyes set on the future”—It is precisely that natural optimism as well as her ever-evolving style, what brought content creator, Candela Pelizza, to our attention. A former fit model for luxury brands like Gucci and Moschino, her job enabled her to travel the world, but also made her privy to a process unbeknownst to many: The evolution of a garment from a sketch or idea, then materialized on to a full look on the runway. This experience did not only grant her a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the industry and front row access to a creative’s journey, but it seems it also gave her a very unique point of view.

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You once said that there is no such thing as “Candela Style” , that rather, you constantly like to experiment with your image. How do you come up with your different looks?

My looks are the product of not taking fashion too seriously and experimenting with new silhouettes and finding colors that work well for the places I am headed to. It is my way of telling the world that everything is a fantastical work in progress.


What is your motor in life?

Knowing that everything we do daily (work, school, etc.) presents the opportunity to evolve. That what really makes us rich, is the human relationships in our lives and that we are able to make the lives of those around us better through small or large acts of kindness. For me, love is the motor for everything.


Could you share the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words: Street Style, Sustainability and Social Media?

Street Style: The opportunity to bring one’s own interpretation of a collection and present it with your own personal style.

Sustainability: The ability to recognize that we need less than we think we do.

Social Media: An opportunity to connect with the world around us. The chance to inspire, inform and create new synergies that would’ve been impossible before.


How do you look at fashion today?

Fashion has a very special place in my life and in my heart—I can’t be too objective, but I know that it has become very sales oriented throughout the years. At the same time, I feel like many brands use It as a means to get wonderful messages of creativity and personal reflections across.

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