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Romance and Craftmanship: In the Atelier with ST

Romance and Craftmanship: In the Atelier with ST

For over a decade now, the meticulous masterpieces that come to life in the Silvia Tcherassi Atelier in Miami have graced countless galas, editorial pieces, exhibitions, and for the first time, at the end of last year, the runway. Following the launch of Silvia’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection showcased in the heart of Coconut Grove, 14 exquisite Atelier creations made their debut in what was arguably one of the most memorable showings of the brand’s 30+ year trajectory.


Classified as demi-couture, these treasures exhibit quality craftsmanship by way of delicate hand embroideries, complex corsetry, and other highly specialized skills.


Using top-of-the-line fabrics like tulle, sequins and luxurious silk, on many occasions, no more than one piece is ever created. Another element of relevance is the amount of time it takes to make one dress—some can take up to 100 hours of production.


“I approach my Atelier creations like individual artworks. Knowing just how much time, effort and love are poured into each piece makes me profoundly grateful for my team of specialists and for the category as a whole—it is without a doubt a favorite aspect of my creative universe.”

- Silvia Tcherassi


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