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A Step Forward with Barbara Borghini

A Step Forward with Barbara Borghini

Effortless style is synonymous to the women of Italy and someone who makes a strong case for this is prolific designer and longtime friend of the brand, Barbara Borghini, founder of the GIABORGHINI footwear label. Like us, Barbara holds a high regard for history, artisanry and tradition, but has a thoroughly modern perspective when it comes to design. In our latest conversation with the designer, we delve into her muses, our continued creative partnership and of course, shoes.

You founded GIABORGHINI in 2016. Today, your line is exemplary of fine Italian craftsmanship and worn by women all over the world. What do you consider are the driving factors behind your success?

As a pioneer in talent-brand collaborations, our brand was able to build long-lasting partnerships with some of the most trusted industry insiders, each bringing their fresh vision to the collection and garnering support from international press and talent. The brand stands out for mixing artisanal origins and couture spirit with modern design. This combination is the true force that guides the design process favoring eye-catching elements, sporty details and statement heels. Innovation and creativity are key qualities of the ongoing process, but also an essential step to ensure that GIA’s shoes keep all the daily comfort without losing the fun.


How did you initially get involved in the footwear industry?

It started like a simple project with a mono product (a summer sandal) and it was quite successful. I saw that people from this industry, who I admire, were wearing my product and I started to collaborate with them, wanting a fresh eye and fresh ideas. With the building of this community the brand has become global.

Your brand is named after your daughter and you have often said that women are a huge source of inspiration for you. Could you share a little about the women that inspire you?

Women have always been my primary source of inspiration. Every woman has the ability to adapt, renew and be versatile in all circumstances of their lives. I find the innate nature of women so intriguing because it varies so vastly. Through GIABORGHINI I will be able to give voice to many women including the ones who do limited collaborations with the label like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, that sign their limited edition to the precious hands that make them. Eighty percent of the GIABORGHINI workforce are women, making an engine that is at the same time the inspiration and the fulfillment of this desire.


The style of Italian women is praised around the world for its effortless elegance and casual approach to luxury— pillars of the ST brand. How has your country influenced your design philosophy?

It is the boldness and the sophistication of the Italian women that continuously inspire me, from past icons such as Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, to the young generations like Alice Pagani, Benedetta Porcaroli and Simona Tabasco for example. Their confidence, attitude, playful style and incredible elegance inspire me and my brand everyday.

Our continued partnership has endured for over 4 years. Why do you think both brands work so well together?

I think that the cooperation between the two brands works well because they both have a common goal, which is to create pieces for strong, sophisticated and romantic women. Everytime I look at Silvia Tcherassi clothes, I think about Palm Beach and that idea of timeless romanticism that I so admire. I love this ideal of Silvia and the fact that GIABORGHINI shoes are combined with her clothes. Moreover, during these years of collaboration I got to know Silvia and we became friends. So it’s not only a business partnership but also a friendship, which makes it even more special.

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