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Styling Notes 008

Styling Notes 008

Leather accessories with neat cotton poplin or smooth silks paired with an intricately-textured handbag: The art of styling contrasts with ease and sophistication is a unique language– and one that our Director of Ready-to-Wear speaks quite well. For this edition of Styling Notes we discussed proportions, patterns and overall harmony with Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi.


“I love a column dress in a solid, as it feels innately elegant. Adding an embellished or avant-garde belt instantly defines and creates a beautiful figure. It also adds that element of contrast with the leather and gold.”


“Sometimes, when blending patterns and textures, continuity is key. For this look, the embroidered florals on the jacket echo the flower motif on the skirt. The neutral accessories make it feel a little more toned down, making the whole look cohesive.”


“Pairing a cropped knit that exposes a bit of skin with an a-line silhouette always feels quite balanced to me. On the one hand, the skirt’s high-waisted fit and slight flare feels quite retro, and on the other, the subtle glimpse of skin feels fresh. I topped this look with one of our casual perforated jackets and leather boots.”

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