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In The Spotlight: Sophie López

In The Spotlight: Sophie López

Los Angeles-based Sophie López has a start-studded client list that includes Kate Hudson and her mother, Goldie Hawn, as well as Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira. We had long admired her editorial and red carpet looks here at ST, so we were thrilled when she reached out on 2020 to dress Yalitza for the Latin Grammy awards .

As the winter season dawns upon us, who better to give us tips on chic chilly weather dressing than Sophie herself?

Read on for the complete interview.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a stylist

I was born in the UK, both my parents are Colombian. I've always loved clothes and fashion since I was very young. After I graduated university I did everything I could to get work experience at fashion magazines. Finally I got work experience and then an internship at British GQ. After about a year I got offered the job of Fashion Assistant at GQ, where I stayed for 4 years before going freelance.

2. You have an incredible client roster including Kate Hudson and Yalitza Aparicio. What is your styling approach like and how do you manage to stay true to someone’s character?

It's like any relationship, the more you get to know them the more you learn about what works and what doesn’t, their taste, preferences and style. You continue to learn at every fitting. And then I take all that into account while selecting the looks through my own lens.

3. Although you were born and raised in London, you also have Latin heritage. How does this influence your style?

We spent most of our time in Colombia when I was young before starting school. So I think it has a huge infulence on my taste. The bright tropical colors, lively music, stunning landscapes. All of it is refelected in my personal style. 


4. You recently styled a few ST pieces with other winter-appropriate items—can you tell us a little about the pieces you chose and how you styled them? 

I paired the quilted coat with patent black pants a turtle neck and chunky boots. I often like to dress down glam statement pieces and wear them in the daytime. A fabulous wearable daytime outfit! I layered a turtle neck under the printed silk dress too which makes in wearable in cold weather and during the day for work or lunch. The final piece was the volumonous navy, one shoulder crop top. I love the drama of this top. I styled it with jeans to show again how versatile it is. You could wear it in a very formal way with pants or a skirt for a cocktail party, or in the daytime with jeans for a fancy brunch! I love having these kinds of pieces in my wardrobe.

5. What are your tips for staying fashionable during the winter months? 

I love layering pieces in the winter, it gives you opportunity to add different textures, shades and fabrics to your look. Creating more depth and interesting, dynamic outfits. My overall tip would be don't be afraid to experiment, and have fun getting dressed!

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